The White Buddha

Don’t ask why but on the hottest day that we were in Pai, we decided to visit The White Buddha. We had caught glimpses of the wondrous statue from many a place as it is situated above Pai, overlooking the goings on of the small town.

We found a small car park to park our moped which to our dismay, wasn’t the main car park at all and meant us bumbling up another few hundred steps in the mid day sun…

Taking a break

We were nearly at the main steps when we were welcomed by these lovely statues, peacefully guarding the pathway.

Leading the way

I couldn’t help but wonder how many visitors from around the world had been welcomed by these kind looking figures.

Guarding the path

The climb commenced…

A few more steps

The image that awaited us at the top of these steps was overwhelming.

We reached the top!

Just to give you an idea of scale, here is Alex (6’2) next to the White Buddha…

Close up

Equally, the view in the opposite direction wasn’t bad either.

Overlooking Pai

Alex’s ‘need’ for an ice cream was our next priority and so it was, the decent began.

On our way down, we came by this less welcoming looking chap…


We had a great day and got up and down in one piece. The sight of The White Buddha up close is magnificent and well worth the effort. However, if you plan to go on a scorching hot day, remember a water bottle or three!


Chatuchak Weekend Market

Talk about hustle and bustle…

If you’re in the mood for a maze of stalls (food, local crafts, clothes, plants, massages, drinks, denim jackets, antiques etc.) and you have a free few hours, head to Chatuchak Weekend Market.

One of many entrances

Surrounding the entrances of the market are lots of food stalls, selling yummy grub at a very fair price.

Surrounding food stalls

Before venturing into the market, we had a bite to eat and a coconut…

Sharing a coconut as you do

Lunch was delicious, cheap and filling – what more could you ask for?

Lunch time

So the adventure begins…

We found the closest entrance and off we went. Once you enter the market, it is very likely you will get lost.

Negotiating prices

Top tip: there are endless stalls selling similar products so if you are patient enough and willing to barter a little, you will more than likely come away with a great deal!

Searching for a bargain

There were what felt like hundreds of clothes stalls (probably pretty accurate) selling a variety of different styles and fashions for all.

Narrow paths through the market

We particularly enjoyed exploring the antiques stalls and seeing what treasures we could find.

Antique lamps

Each turn led to another spiderweb of narrow pathways…

More bits and bobs

The market was both equally wonderful and intense. Every which way we would turn, we were faced with crowds of people coming in the opposite direction, stall holders shouting good deals, loud music, a variety of colours and patterns etc. It was bonkers to say the least…

Would I go again? Absolutely!!!

Temple of the Golden Buddha

It was a boiling hot day and we decided to venture on the metro to visit The Temple of the Golden Buddha.

Top Tip: The Metro system was the easiest and cheapest way travel within Bangkok from our experience.

So where can you find The Golden Buddha? It is located inside a temple called Wat Traimit which is situated near Chinatown.

Wat Traimit

Inside this beautiful building, you find the worlds largest seated golden Buddha statue. It is an incredible sight!

The Golden Buddha

The temple was full of both people praying and others visiting like us, taking in this spectacular vision. However, although filled with people, the atmosphere was peaceful and you could hardly hear a sound.

We sat at the back of the temple for a little while, simply observing our surroundings. Before us, were people praying, some were carrying out their own rituals and others, like us, absorbing the atmosphere.


The room was decorated with such elaborate patterns and an array of colours. Everywhere you look, you are faced with intricate designs of some sort.


Smaller statues surround The Golden Buddha…

At peace

To tell you the truth, we weren’t sure if we were definitely going to visit however, we were really happy we did!

Adventures At 5am

The previous day we formed a plan to watch the sunrise at 6am the following morning at a waterfall nearby and then head to Tha Pai Hot Springs.

Waking up at 5am was a success; we excitedly packed our bags and were out of the door. Alex was sure he remembered the way and we decided that he would give me directions whilst I practised my moped driving in the dark. Anyway, we got lost!

Born to be wild!

What should have taken us twenty minutes had taken us an hour. The further we drove, the more the sun appeared in the sky.

Pam Bok Waterfall –

Through sheer determination, we made it to Pam Bok Waterfall! Although our plan had half come together, we soon concluded that a waterfall was perhaps not the best location to watch the sunrise. Instead, we stared through the trees as the blue of the sky became more prominent.

Pom Bok Waterfall

With the little light there was, we explored the waterfall, Alex accidentally slipped into a stream and we enjoyed breakfast on a flattish rock. All in all, an interesting morning so far.

Alex exploring

For the last few years, at this time of day, I would more than likely be rushing to get ready for work. Well I definitely wouldn’t be exploring waterfalls that’s for sure. I really hope we can take some of this calm home with us and learn to slow down a bit.

Relaxing to the sound of the water
Here is a little taster for you…
As I looked back towards the waterfall, I spied this cliff that looked remarkably like a humans face. It made me smile so I took a picture to share with you.
Hidden figure

I loved this place – it was so peaceful and definitely worth visiting early in the morning to miss the rush of visitors.

Tha Pai Hot Springs –

After another interesting journey (yes we got lost again!) we arrived at Tha Pai Hot Springs. Oh my gosh, I was in my element! I had never visited a natural hot springs before and it was amazing!

Pai Hot Springs

The further up stream you walk, the hotter the pools of water become. Here was where we settled at the recommendation of one of the locals. As he saw us, he pointed up stream and shook his head as if it would be the end of us.

Hello Mr Darcy
We were advised by one of the locals to get in slowly as the heat was quite overwhelming. They suggest you stay in for about 15 minutes before having a break. At one point I stood up and was very light headed.
Just one of the locals

I was in my element! It was like being in a giant jacuzzi in the most incredible setting!

Happy Me

In the few days leading up to this one, I had been bitten dreadfully by mosquitos all over my legs and had tried so many different creams to help. Miraculously, once I climbed out of the hot spring, the bites had practically vanished. Magic!


Once we had dried off, we couldn’t help but wander up stream to see the rest of the hot springs.

No swimming

As we approached the top of the hot springs, we could see the water steaming. We gradually started to hear people talking and laughing.

What we found in the hottest stream was breakfast being prepared. Some local people were boiling their eggs in the spring!

Breakfast time!

We couldn’t believe our eyes…

How would you like your eggs in the morning?

What an eventful morning! It was absolutely bonkers but wonderful.

The Land Split

Arrived at The Land Split

A short drive away from Pai town is The Land Split, a fascinating place with a very interesting history. Many tourists visit here on a daily basis. Again, some sturdy shoes would be helpful if you’re thinking of visiting.

Here is a brief account of how The Land Split came to be –

Story behind The Land Split

Once we reached the top, we were amazed by the view. I can’t even imagine how the farmer who found The Land Split must have felt to wake up one morning to this – how bizarre!

View from above
We couldn’t wait to explore further…

Off he goes
This is what we would recommend some good shoes for. It was a very steep climb down.

Inside The Land Split
View from the bottom of The Land Split
A visit that will be difficult to forget any time soon. The landscape resembled a film set, dramatic in form.

Pai Canyon

What a spectacular place! A friend had recommended visiting and we had no idea what to expect.

Here are a few pictures I took… I would love to hear what you think.

Leading the way
Sunset lighting
Hiking at sunset

For many, the most popular time to hike at Pai Canyon is sunrise and sunset although I would recommend taking a sturdy pair of shoes!

Stunning views

In the space of less than an hour, the sky turned an array of colours. We sat in silence as we watched this beautiful place completely transform from minute to minute.

Sunset at Pai Canyon

Welsh Wanderers On Wheels

Although Pai is only a small town, the sights and activities it has to offer are fairly spread out. The easiest way to see the sights at a decent price is to rent a moped. This we did and we had the most incredible time!

We had never ridden a moped before but thought ‘how difficult could it be?’ Okay, it’s pretty simple although we were still very careful and balancing was tricky on some roads. Alex, myself and two friends visited this lovely man who showed us the ropes and then sent us on our way to face the open road alone.

Meet Allan

And that was it, from then onwards there was no stopping us. We went off and rented our first moped – 250 Thai Baht for a day, bargain!

Biker James at your service…

Looking very flash

Next we planned our first trip and off we went!

His and her helmets

I remember shouting woohoooo when I hit 40kmph out of pure excitement! Alex quickly pointed out that this was only roughly 25mph!! 😂

To find out where the road took us, check out my next post!